Mixed Boxing Class

Mixed Boxing Classes – No booking required, please drop in

Ringtone Boxing Gym has created a series of boxing based fitness classes that feature some of the very same drills and conditioning exercises as used by championship boxers.

The classes have been created for beginners so are suitable for everyone regardless of fitness levels.  

With Ringtone Boxing Gym classes, you train like a boxer in every aspect excluding full contact.

There is nothing quite like a genuine boxing based workout to really shift weight and improve overall fitness levels.  These classes will not only seriously tone your whole body, but will make you mentally stronger and more confident.

Classes include a warm up, boxing stance and technique, bag work and pad work, boxing drills, circuit training, abdominal workout, high energy conditioning, cool down and stretching.

Boxing based fitness training provides the perfect balance of Anaerobic and Aerobic exercise to maximise weight loss and body toning whilst also improving strength, power and stamina.

Mixed Boxing Classes:
Every Monday and Thursday at 7pm

  • Set Fee
  • No need for membership
  • £20 per class
  • £180- 10 x classes (saving £20)

*Should you need to leave early, ie: to return to work this will be taken into consideration over the course of the workout.