White Collar Boxing

White Collar Boxing

White Collar Boxing is an exciting and fast growing sport.  It allows people who train at the gym (and who have attained a certain level of fitness/proficiency) the platform to display all the skills they have learnt, in front of their friends and family.

Ringtone Boxing Gym stage a number of White Collar Boxing show’s throughout the year and are always looking for men and women to take part:-

  • Choose your own ring entrance music
  • Be awarded a boxing trophy
  • Get a DVD and Photos of your fight to show the grandkids!
  • Be the talk of your work place and amongst friends
  • Experience the “after-fight” thrill of being a Champion
  • Invite all your friends and family to cheer you on
  • Be part Ringtone Boxing Gym’s White Collar Boxing events

Contests are usually 3 x 2 minute rounds with all participants wearing full protection (16oz Gloves and Headgear and Groin protectors).  Each show also includes a title fight where the winner will take home the “Ringtone Boxing Gym” belt.

No previous experience is necessary to take part.

Once you have been approved to participate you will be given a full training program to be carried out over a set time period until the event.  You do not have to train with us all of the time although as a minimum we require you to attend at least one of our training sessions a week.

All fighters are required to sell tickets in order to participate on the show.

We are very proud of all our clients who take part in our White Collar Boxing shows, and have an exemplorary record with regards to client safety and welfare.  Ringtone Boxing Gym supports Mind in Camden and CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth) charities and the White Collar Boxing shows are a way of raising awareness and fundraising for these worthy causes.


“I was really nervous about signing up for Ringtone Boxing Gyms White Collar Boxing show it was totally new to me. I had never boxed before or done any type of the training I was about to receive. Building up to the fight I was monitored and constantly given tips and advice on training and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside the gym. I trained intensively for 10 weeks and was fitter than ever before, come fight night. The show gave me the biggest buzz I had ever experienced.   I was on a complete high for weeks! I would 100% recommend taking part on these shows.”


“Taking part in the Ringtone Boxing Gym fight night was amazing! Knowing I was finally stepping into the ring after putting in months of training, sweat and tears – total adrenaline rush! The venue was ideal and added to the buzzing atmosphere, everyone was on a real high. As the only female bout on the bill, I’m super proud of my (and my opponents) performance.”


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