UltraMitts Training

UltraMitts Padwork System

UltraMitts padwork system is a professional boxing training programme, utilising a specialised ‘speed focus pads’ technique.

UltraMitts was created, by Ringtone Boxing Gym’s very own Ben Day. It’s aim is to develop muscle memory and reaction timing – in addition to attaining improved movement, flow technique, stamina, balance, hand speed, defence, attack, rhythm, and much more.

UltraMitts is a stand-alone programme, for those seeking to add UltraMitts technique to their current arsenal of boxing skills.  The training program perfectly compliments conventional boxing coaching regimens.

By regularly including UltraMitts sessions as part of a boxers training programme, combinations and routine are memorised by the boxer at a faster pace rather than just using conventional pad work.

UltraMitts also helps in the development of radar ability for blocking and parrying of shots at high speed from all angles. UltraMitts improves the ability of keeping hands high for longer periods of time.

In addition the use of the UltraMitts system also noticeably increases hand speed, balance and ring movement due to the super-fast pace of the pads.

Ringtone Boxing Gyms personal One-2-One UltraMitts sessions are:

  • Set Fee
  • No membership required however payment to be made upfront at time of booking
  • £65 – 1 x Hour 
  • £650 – Block of 10 sessions* (Includes 1 x free session so 11 in total)